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You will need to be a License Holder or Manager in order to see progress reporting. To learn more about roles & permissions, click here.

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  1. Where can I find Progress Reporting?
  2. What Progress is displayed?
  3. What happens to progress when a member is removed?
  4. Can I export Progress?
  5. Some members completed the program but the report is not showing 100%.

Where can I find Progress Reporting?

Progress Reporting can be found by navigating to 'Account & Membership', then clicking on the 'My Team' tab and scrolling down. Progress will be displayed below the team management section.

What progress is displayed?

Any program that a member has joined and completed a lesson in will be displayed here. 

If a member has not joined the Program from the course list, no progress will be displayed.

Progress is reported for any program in the 'Courses' section of the platform. This Includes:

  • Certificate programs
  • Stand-alone courses
  • Mini courses

This does not include:

  • Learning Bites / Bite-Sized Learning Material
  • Event Attendance 
  • Template or Resource downloads

What happens to progress when a member is removed?

Removing a member will also remove their progress from your report, and their progress will also not be included in any progress exports in the future. 

Can their progress be restored?

Yes! Once reinvited to the team progress can be restored by rejoining a program from the course list, and completing a lesson. 

Can I export my team's progress?

Yes! Progress can be exported by clicking on the yellow 'Export to CSV' button at the top of the Progress Report. 

Only current members of the team will be included in this export. 

Tip: To store progress information for a member that you will remove, create an export before removing them.

What will be included in the Export? The following information will be included as columns in the export:

  1. Member Full Name
  2. Program Name
  3. Progress (% of program completed 1-100)
  4. Date of last progress made

Some members completed the program but the report is not showing 100%.

We update the progresses periodically so it could be that their latest progress is not reflected on the report yet.

Also whenever we update a current program, all content after that updated material is re-locked until students visit the new material.

This also means that their % of completion in any reporting could also drop.

Making sure that each lesson on the program has a green tick will ensure the 100% completion of their progress.

Have trouble with your team's progress? Reach out to our team. We're here to help!

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