Do memberships automatically renew?

Yes, when you enroll with the Full Academy Access or Team Membership options, your plan will automatically renew.

If you have enrolled for a Single Certificate program, your plan will not automatically renew, and you will be able to upgrade your membership to keep access after the initial 12-month enrollment period.

When will this renew?

By registering for the Full Academy Access or Team membership options, you commit to an initial enrollment term of 12 months. After which, your plan will renew automatically based on the payment term you have chosen. (i.e. annual, quarterly, or monthly)

How can I turn off automatic renewal?

You will be able to manage your future payments and turn off automatic renewal directly in your billing profile.

To view more about the cancelation process, click here: How can I cancel my membership?

Have questions about your subscription? Reach out to the Support Team, and we would be happy to help!

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