Can I Renew/Extend My License?

Learn more about how to extend your license, and request an extension offer here.

Of course, here at AIHR, we believe that learning is a continuous, lifelong, process and we hope you do too! 


As soon as you renew, we remove your expiration date entirely, as it is a subscription. As long as the subscription is active, you will have continued access with no expiration. In case you do cancel the subscription, you will have access until 12-months (or 24-months if that is the option you choose) from the last payment date.

  • Full Academy Access Renewals

    When renewing your Full Academy License, you will have the option to renew for a 12-month, or 24-month period for approximately 10% of the regularly priced Full Academy License.

    This will extend the time of your license and renew automatically as an annual, or bi-annual subscription depending on which option you choose. 

    With this, you will continue to have access to the platform and all new programs that we release. 
  • Single Program Renewals

    In case you have enrolled for a single Certification Program or a Stand-alone Course, you will have the option to extend your access for an additional 12-months, or upgrade to the Full Academy License

    If you choose to extend your existing license for 12-months, you license will then renew automatically on an annual basis, and you will have continued access to the platform and your existing course. You will still be able to upgrade at any time.

    If you choose to upgrade to the Full Academy License, your license will be extended for an additional 18-months from your current date of expiration. You will then be able to request access to any of the program that we have to offer. 

If you would like to inquire about your renewal options and pricing, contact us directly