Payment Plans

What payment plans do you offer, and how do they work?

Subscription options are only available through Credit/Debit Card and PayPal (Where available)

Single Program Registration

For single program registrations, we only offer a one-time payment option.

Take advantage of more flexible plans with the Full Academy License. (plans below)



Full Academy License

The Full Academy License is an annual subscription, which you can choose to pay for in multiple ways. 


By registering for the Full Academy License, you commit to an initial registration term of 12-months. After which time, your plan will renew automatically based on the payment term you have chosen. (i.e. annual, quarterly, or monthly)


Payments will be automatically debited from your account on the same day each term of your chosen plan to confirm your access for the following period. The first payment will be taken during the enrollment process. Please note that we cannot pause/hold subscriptions. 


The Full Academy License offers the following plan options:

  • Annual - Pay for a year with one payment, then automatically renew each year.
  • Quarterly - Pay for a year over 4 payments, then automatically renew each quarter.
  • Monthly - Pay for a year over 12 payments, then automatically renew each month.



  1. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    1. After the initial 12-month period, you will be able to cancel your auto-payments at any time through your billing profile with no penalties. Canceling within the initial 12-month period will affect the validity of any certificates claimed, and your access.
      To learn more about subscription cancelations, click here.
  2. Will my plan automatically renew?
    1. For the Full Academy License, yes! Your plan will renew automatically based on the payment term you have chosen. (i.e. annual, quarterly, or monthly)

      Note: If you receive any emails prompting you to renew,  your plan is not scheduled for auto-renewal, and you will need to take action to renew.

      For Single program registrations, no. After your 12-months access period, you will be prompted to upgrade your license.

      To learn more about license renewals and extensions, click here.



Have questions about the plans, or need further details? Reach out to our Admissions Advisors, and we would be happy to help you! 


Have questions about your existing plan? Contact our Support Team Directly.