Coaching Services

What does AIHR Coaching include?

As a member of AIHR, you have access to our Coaching Team and Career Center.

Whether you want to specialize in a particular area of HR or become a better all-around generalist, having the right goals and steps in place to achieve this is crucial.

No matter where you are at in your journey, our Coaching Team can help you with any or all of the following to take your career to the next level:

  1. Identify your career and learning goals.
  2. Assess your current skill set and the skills you need for the future.
  3. Define a path for your programs. 
  4. Create a realistic study plan that keeps you motivated and learning!



Contact our Coaching Team directly through the Career Center in the Academy


Here's what you can find, and here's how you can get in contact with the team: 

  1. The Career Center, where you can find resources for your career and begin using self-service tools, such as our HR Career Map, to begin planning your journey. 

    Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 07.59.53

  2. For more personalized assistance in creating a development plan that will work best for you, get in touch with our Coaching Team!

    Feel free to book a call at a time that works best for you directly in the portal.

    Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 08.04.05

Note: Please take note of the time zone in which you are booking your call to ensure that this will truly work for you.


Make the most of your membership by taking full advantage of our Career Center and Coaching Services to make a learning plan that works for you! 



For more account, billing, or technical support, please contact our Support Team directly, and they will be happy to assist you.