Do I receive a certificate at the end of my program(s)?

Yes! You will receive a digital certificate that has a unique identification code, and that can be validated at any time for every program that you complete.  

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Full Academy License

As a Full Academy License Learner, you will not be required to complete all programs before receiving your certificate. You will be able to claim an individual certificate for each program as you complete them.

Certificate Programs

In order to complete the program and claim your certificate, you will need to complete all assignments and pass each program's respective Capstone Project

You will be able to claim your certificate directly from the end of the Capstone Exam upon passing. 

Stand-alone Courses 

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course for completing all modules, quizzes, and assignments. There is no formal assessment for stand-alone courses. 

Sharing your Certificate

Of course, we want you to show off your completed programs and new skills! 


Approximately 30 minutes after receiving your certificate you will receive all necessary information to add your certificate and program details to your LinkedIn profile. 


Sample Certificate



This specific example is for our HR Business Partners 2.0 Certificate Program, however, all certificates are unique to the specific program completed. 

The certificate will also show the logos of our Global Accreditation Partners, SHRM, and HRCI as well. To find out more about our Accreditation Partners, click here.




In case you have questions about our certificates, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you!