Unlocking program progress

Lessons within programs are locked sequentially in order to create a structured path through the learning journey. In order to progress through the program, you need to complete one lesson, prior to being able to move on to the next.

If you are a returning member, or have had your progress reset, there are ways that you will be able to progress through the program more quickly. If you are progressing this way, you will not need to watch all videos in order to progress.

On the 25 April 2024, progress for the Learning & Development Certificate Program was reset.

These steps will help you to move forward to unlock the program progress:

1. Click into the lesson that you left off on.

2. Click the two arrows in the top-middle of the screen to make the lesson fullscreen. (image below)

Once you have made the lesson fullscreen, you will be able to access the program overview.

Here, you can click the title of the lesson to unlock your progress as quickly as possible.

Below you can see this in practice:

With this method, you will be able to restore your progress without needing to wait for additional support so that you can get back on track as quickly as possible!

Note: Progressing through the lessons too quickly may cause the overview to stop unlocking the next lesson. If this happens, refreshing the page will allow you to continue.

Our team will not be able to unlock the progress on your behalf. However, we are happy to help with any questions about where you left off or about your account.

Feel free to reach out via the chat below if you have any questions. We're happy to help!

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