Program Subtitles

Do you offer programs in different languages?

All information within the programs and platform is English. However, we do offer Spanish subtitles for our video lessons within the platform, and are beginning to grow our base of Portuguese subtitles as well.

All lessons and programs will also include English Subtitles for your convenience. 


As we offer a platform for learners around the globe, all community information, posts, and comments are in English as well. 

* Some learners have used translation services in order to translate the written information within the Academy, however, not all translation services are 100% accurate and we recommend using this at your own discretion.


To turn these subtitles on; Navigate to 'CC' Icon in the bottom-right of the video.


Turn on Subtitles


If you have any questions about subtitles, or are having trouble with the language settings, please contact our Support Team directly. We would be happy to assist you.