'Request To Join' Hasn't Been Approved Yet

Wondering why your request to join has not been approved yet?

For Full Access Learners, requests to join programs are automatically approved within the hour. Times may vary due to high volume of requests. 



If your request has not yet been approved automatically, there are a few factors that can affect the speed in which your request is approved, in this article we'll walk you through the common factors:

  1. The most common reason for delay in approvals is that you have created your student profile with a different email address than you have used during registration. This mainly occurs when creating your account using LinkedIn or other social platforms.

    To update your email address to match the registered email, click here.
    In any case, a member of our support team will verify your account, and approve your requests within 1 business day. 

  2. You are not yet a Full Access Learner and will only have access to the program(s) that you have purchased. In this case, your request will not be approved. Find out how you can upgrade your license to gain access to the additional programs that we offer.

  3. Something is not running smoothly on our side. While we aim for perfection, sometimes things do not work as intended. For this reason, our support team actively monitors all requests and approvals each day to ensure that all requests are cleared within 1 business day. 


If it has been longer than 1 business day, or you have additional questions about requesting access to the various programs, please contact our Support Team Directly, and they will be happy to assist you.