Where can I find additional resources?

Here you can find thousands of resources that can help to supplement your programs and expand learning.

While going through your programs here at AIHR, you may want to dive deeper into specific subjects and areas. 

With the resources below, you will be able to search for any specific subject that you are looking to learn more about:

Quick Links:

  1. Full Resource Library
  2. AIHR Blogs
  3. AIHR Youtube
  4. People Analytics Roadmap
  5. Career Center

Full Resource Library


With the Full Resource Library, you will be able to search through all of the platforms that AIHR has to offer at once! 


Here you will be able to search specifically for Videos, Articles, Guides, Learning Bites, Case Studies, and more.


AIHR Blogs


AIHR hosts two blogs that deliver the latest news, articles, and trends in Human Resources to 1,000,000+ HR Professionals. 


  1. AIHR Analytics
    Here you will be able to find in-depth articles and guides with a focus on People and HR Analytics and how to drive business value through the use of data-driven decision making. 
  2. AIHR Digital
    With AIHR Digital, you will be able to dive deeper into Digital HR and HR Tech trends, as well as more general HR topics. Here you will be able to expand you knowledge with a vast amount of covered topics. 

AIHR YouTube Channel


Our micro-learning, bite-sized videos focus on HR case studies, real-life examples, actionable tips, and up-to-date, publicly accessible resources. Be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date with the latest resources. 


Our YouTube channel will host three main types of content:

  1. Learning Bites - These are bite-sized learning resources that will teach you valuable lessons in approximately 5 minutes. Great resources for on the go! 
  2. AIHR Live sessions - Here you can view past sessions of our live sessions and never miss out on the conversation with top professionals in the industry. 
  3. Conference Meetings - Catch up with industry leaders at a few of the major HR conferences and see what key topics are being discussed. 

People Analytics Roadmap & Resource Library 


This resource is only accessible by enrolled and current learners. 


This roadmap shows all the necessary steps and elements that are important for the successful implementation of HR analytics in your organization. It is more than just having the right skills and data available! 

You can learn from exclusive resources for each of the steps and elements of successful analytics implementation. The type of resources range from video lessons, tutorials, guides, and more! We have also gathered several external resources that compliment other resources and provide expand your view on the topics.

Career Center

This resource is fully accessible by enrolled and current learners. 


With this resource, you will learn how you can leverage your new-found skills in your professional life and achieve success on your career path. This will include practical resources to help you advance your career in HR. See a preview of what you can find here.

In case you have questions about these resources, or would like resources on a specific topic, you can reach out directly to your Personal Coach.

You can also contact our Support Team directly. We would be happy to assist you!